kick/push mantra

your mantra for smooth handstand entries

Shoulder protraction

Definition: the forward movement of your shoulders.

A handstand starts standing upright. On your entry, you have to transition your weight from your feet onto your hands. You do this by pressing down through your arms after kicking off the floor.

Remember this as your kick/push mantra.

Today’s exercise will get you more familiar with this motion. You can mimic the shoulder movement necessary for smooth handstand entries in a table top position. In a table top, after you visualise having kicked off the floor, you push down through your arms and round your upper back. This rounding movement is called shoulder protraction.

Depending on your level of practice, you can do this exercise 1) with your knees down, or 2) with your knees lifted off the floor and toes tucked.

To improve your handstand entries, add a minimum of 15 kick/push repetitions to your daily practice.

In a table top position, you can do the movement as quick or as slow as you’d like. However, when entering a handstand, the movements need to follow onto each other relatively quickly. The more familiar you get with the kick/push mantra, the smoother your handstand entries become.

You can track your handstand entry progress by measuring 1) the height of your kick up, 2) your success rate, for example, 6 out of 10, and 3) your impact against the wall - soft, medium, or hard.

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