shoulder strength

build strength with this simple exercise

Shoulder depression

Definition: the downward movement of your shoulders.

As you've learned by now, elevating your shoulders is key to a successful handstand. In a handstand, shoulder elevation means actively pushing down through your arms and moving your shoulders towards your ears.

Today, you'll learn how to build up your shoulder strength with an exercise based on downward facing dog. If you have tight hamstrings, don't worry, you can keep your knees bent.

Add to your daily practice:

  1. hold shoulder elevation for 1 minute

  2. do 15 shoulder shrug repetitions, in which you transition between shoulder elevation and shoulder depression

Feel free to do longer holds and add repetitions as you get familiar with the exercise.

When you practice holding shoulder elevation for extended periods of time, you build shoulder endurance. This increased shoulder endurance will allow you to stay in a handstand longer. 

When you do shoulder shrug repetitions, you get familiar with the pushing motion that needs to happen when you kick up into a handstand.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a closer look at your fear of falling out of a handstand and hurting yourself. This fear is common among my students and there is a way to transform it into confidence.

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