My name is Mark Das.

As a yoga teacher, I’m passionate about the art of hand balancing.

My very first handstand was 8 years ago when I was living as a monk at a Shaolin Kung Fu monastery in China.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been passionately teaching handstands to yoga practitioners around the world. My experience has allowed me to distill the essential elements that make up a solid handstand. I now present this system to my students — both online and at yoga teacher trainings, international workshops, festivals, and weeklong retreats.

I feel blessed I’ve been able to turn my three biggest passions into an actual job — handstands, traveling, and teaching.

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Studying with me

During my classes, workshops, and retreats, you learn both how and why we perform handstands a certain way. Besides balancing on your hands, you’ll deepen your understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics related to handstands. As my student, I encourage you to be proactive, think critically, and ask questions.

While developing your handstand practice it is invaluable to receive direct verbal and physical feedback. I’m happiest seeing my students thrive and prefer to teach in a setting that allows for personal attention. This is why my teaching events are often limited to a maximum of 20 students.

Besides coming to one of my public teaching events you can also choose to practice with me in a private setting; both online and in person. Reach out to me through my website or social media and we’ll discuss the options.

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Bali handstand retreat

March 15 - 22, 2020

Learning never ends

Many handstand practitioners will agree with me that the handstand journey never ends. As a hand balancer, you’re constantly maintaining and further developing your practice.

My handstand practice takes between 2 to 5 hours a day and just like you, I still attend workshops, trainings, and retreats to refine and deepen my practice.

I’m not the most talented hand balancer and therefore I have to work hard to develop new handstand skills. The endless amount of fails can be frustrating from time to time. Currently, I am working on the elusive one arm handstand. It takes time for the nervous system to adapt to the complexity of the skill and there are no shortcuts.

What I find beneficial as a teacher is that I started the practice of handstands as an adult. Therefore, I know exactly what most of my students are going through when they start their journey.

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I ❤ these brands


OHMME Apparel

Yoga clothing for men

In 2017, OHMME Apparel invited me to participate in a campaign aimed at empowering male yoga practitioners. I’m all about more men practicing yoga, so I happily participated! I haven’t worn any clothing by other brands since. All their products are made with sustainable and recycled fabrics. Best of all, their clothing is comfortable to wear both during practice as well as during casual or formal occasions.

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Minimalist and natural footwear

I love walking barefoot and feel the ground beneath my feet. However, this is not always an option — think of formal occasions, cold winters, or places with a high risk of stepping on glass shards. Vivo offers a barefoot experience in moments when wearing footwear is necessary. They place a big emphasis on using natural, recycled, and bio-based materials and I love how lightweight their footwear is.

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Planet friendly yoga mats

At the beginning of my yoga practice in 2015, most yoga mats were made from poor quality plastic or rubber and became slippery when wet. What bugged me most was their environmental impact. I got to know about Liforme when I met James, the company’s owner. Liforme creates PVC-free and biodegradable yoga mats that are grippy even when sweaty. Good for my practice and the environment!

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