Hallo. Bonjour. 你好. Hola.

My name is Mark Das.

Born in the land of clogs and windmills (the Netherlands), I’ve had an unstoppable passion for movement for as long as I can remember.

Picking up baseball at the age of 6, I eventually found my way to martial arts as a teenager, which led me to China where I lived as a monk for a year studying kung fu at the illustrious Shaolin monastery.

It was there that a powerful seed was planted: the idea that breath is the bridge between mind and body, and that when the two come together, the stillness and freedom experienced through movement are nothing less than exhilarating, and over time, truly transformative.

Enlivened by this new insight and ready to explore more of the human body’s potential, I returned to Europe, where I transitioned into an intensified calisthenics and gymnastics practice. As a gymnast, I discovered that alignment is the key to achieving challenging and precise movement patterns.

The foundation had been set for what was to come, most unexpectedly.

I discovered that alignment is the key to achieving challenging and precise movement patterns.

I had experienced substantial resistance to yoga. Classes generally didn’t feel suited to guys, and I felt intimidated by the number of highly flexible females in the room.

Yet, life brought me to Ubud, Bali, where I tried an AcroYoga class, and was completely hooked. I loved the collaborative aspect, which requires strong communication and relational skills. Practicing acrobatics in pairs brought a new dimension to my love of movement.

This inner opening led me to a Vinyasa class, taught by a strong and powerful male teacher, whose human story and straightforward teachings immediately touched me.

Something in me lit up, and in a flash, my entire path shifted.

I had been a passionate entrepreneur for many years and was successfully running my own health and nutrition business.

I sold my company and dedicated myself to a heartfelt immersion in yogic studies, mentoring under trusted teachers, embracing all branches of the integrative wisdom tradition that we call yoga.

In today’s fast-paced society, my practice was giving me a chance to pause and reflect on who I am, and my place on this planet.

The more I engaged in yoga, the clearer it became: my place is to teach this practice, through my unique perspective, enriched by the specific skills and gifts I had devotedly refined over the years.

Today I travel the world, doing what I love most: teaching yoga and sharing my passion of arm-balancing, handstanding and acrobatics.

I’m happiest seeing my students thrive, and my personal belief is that what we call teaching is truly a co-creation. We come together to find what works for every body. There are no limits to the creative solutions we can implement, so that each one of us has access to freedom and empowerment through movement, no matter where we are on our journey.

The central pillar of my teaching style is an emphasis on feeling movement from within, rather than seeking to adhere to the external ideal of a posture. I serve as a guide for my students so they can have a chance to feel their alignment from the inside out.

In other words, my movement philosophy is that it’s not about what looks good, but about what feels good. Releasing external validation and finding our own sense of fulfilment is the liberation and happiness we’re actually looking for.

When I’m not teaching, I’m passionate about deepening my own journey. I still enjoy entrepreneurship (these days mostly as a web designer) as a medium to deliver the highest value possible throughout our global community. I’ve found that entrepreneurship and teaching alike, when practiced with integrity and heartfelt conviction, provide an exciting place of collaboration where we can continue to evolve, be creative, and express our fullest potential.

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