3 zones of balance

the best way to develop a balanced handstand

The 3 zones of balance is a concept to help you better understand what to do when you're developing your capacity to balance a handstand.

Zone 1: enjoying the sweet spot.
Zone 2: applying the fight-it mindset.
Zone 3: choosing to come down with control.

Ideally, you enter and maintain your handstand in zone 1. Here, your handstand feels effortless. Inevitably you'll experience imbalances that move you into zone 2. Once there, you need to apply the fight-it mindset and do everything in your power to regain your sweet spot. Eventually, you'll enter zone 3, where you can't save your handstand anymore and choose to come down with control.

Zone 2 and 3 exist towards your back and your belly.

The wall is going to be your best friend when developing your capacity to balance a handstand. It allows you to focus on correcting imbalances one-directionally. I recommend you practice both with your belly and with your back facing the wall. Slowly peel yourself off the wall to find balance and, whenever you lose balance, commit to finding the wall before coming down.

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